Articles that I believe/know exist but for which I have no proof:
Looking for picture of item, picture of pack/box, line drawing, catalog page, etc.

314 / 4522

Sometimes sellers do not know, or will not share, an article number.  
I'm posting this page in the hopes that someone will know the article numbers for these unknowns:
I've ordered them by their likely Article series numbers

**Photos on this site have been collected from a variety of sources.**
**Photos are included for illustrative purposes and are not intended to infringe on copyright.**

These are Art. 1100s.  The mystery here is the effect, called "Frankenstein" by the seller.  
This is the only instance I have seen of this effect.
Swarovski special run?
2190/4 are regular smooth oval cabochons
2191/4 are "Lindy" star oval cabs (pressed into bottom)
2193/4 are ridged wavy cabs (pressed from top)

I suspect the "Caviar" star cabs at right are 2192/4
These should be 4000-series if they are legitimately Swarovski

Montana AB leaf stones
I have this labelled as 4629s, but that should make it an octagon/cushion cut fancy stone, not a pie wedge (which should be in the triangle/4700 range)
Rivoli beads

The hole is drilled at a shallow angle so that there's a hole on each side of the bead, which, when strung together creates an overlap.

May have been experimental for a single customer that ended up in the world, unidentified.
15mm x 12mm
Feels like Swaro, but Art # unknown.  
May be near in number to the other matte/crystal star:
Art. 6250

Undrilled trout "pendant"
Should be in the 6700s as most of the other animal pendants are
Series of perfume bottles, should be 6000-series as this bottle is:
Art. 6982
Each of the four probably has it's own Art. number
Coming from a VERY reputable eBay/Etsy seller
It's not really a question of whether it's Swaro, just what the Art. # is.

As it is a pendant, should be a 6000 series.
Edges are matte, like the star pendants above.
Roughly 28x27mm

Possible Strass article (8000)
This one I happen to know is Swarovski, as it has the original metal tag. 30x27mm

Not sure about the motif here, but that sure looks like a pot leaf to me!

Unsure if this was a part of the regular line, or if perhaps this was special production.
I honestly don't think these are Swaro.  They came in a bulk lot of crystal beads.  They have a lot of sparkle like Swaro, but these gems are drilled on a 45 degree angle, instead of straight up and down

They resemble the 5351s and 5100s

They are 9mm
The following were listed on Jewelex.com many years ago. They are likely from the 30s and 40s, but are not in my 1936 catalog
Barrel beads.
Similar to Art. 200 but with no cut facets
Similar to Art. 200 but with no cut facets
Unlike anything I've seen from Swarovski!
Bell-ish beads; could be Art. 61
early form of the planet bead, in a givré effect
Also similar to the planet beads, though the center isn't as thick as the planet beads. It also has AB around the center band.