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The Swarovski logo has gone through several changes over the years
These are in rough chronological order.
**Beware, there seems to be some mis-information being regurgitated on the internet
about how to date Swarovski according to the logo. **
I don't know where the original information came from, but it contradicts logic, as well as known facts in the Swarovski time-line

Old Swarovski box sealing tape/label

Daniel Swartz (later Swarovski) partnered with financier Armand Kosmann and brother-in-law Franz Weis to establish the company in 1895.
K.S. & Co. was the shortened version

source: Swarovski

There is mention in the German Wikipedia page on the company that the Depression (which had global impact) led to the fall of K.S. & Co. in 1934 and the company was regrouped in 1935 after Daniel's second company, which had been responsible for the in-house production of the crystal glass, took over both crytsal production and crystal cutting.  It wasn't until 1960 that the shares in K.S. & Co were sold by the Kosmann heirs and the two companies were fully banded together under the name D. Swarovski & Co.  It seems that it took a year or two once the company became "D. Swarovski & Co." for the re-branding to carry over to the product. The combined company seems to have been the impetus for the change in the article numbering system, the newer box packs, and the new logo.
Found a few of these on a recent trip to NYC.  
"Austrian State of Germany" could date these to 1918-1919 but could be WWII as well, though at some point during WWII crystal production was banned.  Given the eidelweiss is slightly different than the other packs and "Marke" with an "e," I'm leaning to 1918-1919.

It's definitely pre-1963, and closer to 1940s.
The all-powerful internet states that this was the logo pre-1949.
Appears exclusively on the soft/paper packs.
c.1935 -1949
Reportedly in use 1949-1969, though it doesn't make sense for the company to revert back to the use of the "K.S" after using the DSW trademark.
I would put it's use at 1949-1960/2.
Appears on the soft/paper packs, rarely on the hard/cardboard packs
(I had "never" instead of "rarely" and then found a KS box in my own inventory lol)
Daniel Swarovski & Co.

The internet says that this was used 1969-1980

I have sales/sampler packs with dates printed (not stamped, but printed) on them that show this was in use as early as 1964 and every pack I've seen with dual article numbers (putting the date at 1962/1963) has this logo.  I believe this logo came into use with the 4-digit numbering system in 1962.
Appears mostly on hard/cardboard packs, but also on soft packs.
A combo of the eidelweiss logo and an abbreviated
"D. Swarovski & Co."

interesting to note the addition of
"cut stones from Tirol" in French

I've never actually seen this on a pack before, other than in the Swarovski picture up top.  If this was actually used, I would say it was in the 60s, based on the use of the "D. Swarovski & Co."

Fun fact: The script font is Hogarth Script
1960 -
The D.S. & Co. Logo is sometimes accompanied by:

"D. Swarovski & Co., Glasschleiferei" which means "glass cutting"

I have two packs on which it appears - both dated. One is 1964 the other is 1968.  Both are sales/sampler packs.
Swarovski, with no artwork. 1970/1980s.
The internet timeline puts the beginning of use of the plain logo in 1980, but I think it could have been used earlier. No proof on my end. Probably used up until the swan logo launch in 1989.

Appears on hard and soft packs.
Swarovski Components. 1980s
Appears on hard and soft packs. The packs/boxes also have this insignia repeated across the paper/box in a champagne sort of color.
Swarovski Swan, 1989.
Appears on hard and soft packs.
Swarovski Crystallized abt 2006-2011
Swarovski Elements
Appears on hard and soft packs.
Create Your Style
Crystals from Swarovski
Rebranding began in Sep 2014

The official seal was "created using high-security hologram technology on silver foil, it bears the words ‘Crystals from Swarovski’, together with founder Daniel Swarovski’s signature, and the year in which Swarovski was established: ‘Since 1895’."
Branding, as shown in the last example does overlap, so it's possible that logos were used concurrently
while pre-printed stock was used up and new stock was phased in.