For Sale
Since I'm not doing much with my collection - other than letting it sit - I decided to thin out duplicates, and things I'm not as interested in as others.

My first batch of items for sale are all vintage packs of rhinestones and one pack of cross pendants. All but a few are full packs, and of those that aren't, usually only 1 stone is missing.

They date from the 40's thru the 80's and there are 38 packs, most complete.

Packs are in as-bought condition.  Once I get them, they are put into a plastic/poly bag and I make my notes on that rather than the original packaging. Many were bought from a wholesale vintage jewelry parts store in NYC and smell musty (if you put your nose right up to them).
Stones are in excellent condition.  No noticeable loss of foiling on anything. No breakage, flea bites, or other damage.

Most if not all of the packs should be pictured in their respective sections.  I can provide additional pictures if needed.

Price: accepting serious offers thru Sunday, April 2.
After that I will put a set price on the lot.  If I can't sell the lot, I will sell by the pack.
I will not break the packs apart.