BEWARE: There are effects/finishes that exist for which names are not known!  
They were made on special consignment for jewelers and other bead users, and now reside with collectors and sellers - visit the Links page and discover some of them for yourself!
Effects, depending on the shape of the bead, normally covered 25-50% of the bead.  2x covered 100% of the bead.

*** It has come to my attention that several of the coatings mentioned here are  after-market.  That means that Swarovski doesn't issue them - a second company specializing in coatings does (see the EH ASHLEY page).  When I can confirm a coating/finish is aftermarket, I will note it with (am) *** and add it to the EH Ashley page, when it can be confirmed they produce it.

**Photos on this site have been collected from a variety of sources.**
**Photos are included for illustrative purposes and are not intended to infringe on copyright.**

Crystal Shimmer Effect
Similar to AB but in lighter colors
Crystal Shimmer
Black Diamond Shimmer
Light Sapphire Shimmer
Cobalt Shimmer
Blue Zircon Shimmer
Peridot Shimmer
Erinite Shimmer
Silk Shimmer
Citrine Shimmer
Tangerine Shimmer
Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer
Topaz Shimmer
Siam Shimmer
Light Siam Shimmer
Hyacinth Shimmer
Fuchsia Shimmer
Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO (2016)
Crystal Dark Red
Crystal Ivory Cream
Crystal Royal Blue
Crystal Royal Green
Crystal Royal Red
Crystal Dark Gray
Crystal Azure Blue
Crystal Light Coral
Crystal Mint Green
Crystal Peony Pink
Crystal Summer Blue

Crystal Prints (2010)
are now available on Crystal Stones in both Pendants and Beads product range.
Three of the most popular SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are decorated with three different motifs,
creating a beautiful contrast between crystal transparency and graphic, black prints.
5621 Twist
6091 Baroque
6620 Avant Garde

The first part of this chart covers modern/established effects; the second half covers vintage/mystery effects
Keep in mind effects can be combined - as in AB Matte, or AB Satin
In general, the effect covers 25-50% of the element; 2X covers 100%
Modern Effects
(some are discontinued)
AB = Aurora Borealis

think soap bubbles - a little bit of everything in pastel tones

(for demonstration purposes, Crystal AB 2X is shown)
a sheen of opacity, making the element look frosted
this is hard to describe, but it's like when you wet your hair ... the color darkens, gets a little more intense .... compare these colors to their Satin counterparts:

Crystal Transmission
Similar to AB with a slightly different color combo
Crystal Moonlight
Crystal Silver Shade
Crystal Golden Shadow
Crystal Copper
Crystal Astral Pink
Crystal Red Magma
Crystal Antique Pink
Crystal Lilac Shadow
Crystal Light Chrome
Crystal Rose Patina
Crystal Gold Patina
Crystal Silver Patina
Crystal Black Patina
Crystal White Patina
Crystal Comet Argent Light
bright silver
Crystal Rainbow Dark (2016)
White Opal Sky Blue
White Opal Star Shine
Crystal Meridian Blue
Crystal Silver Night
Crystal Bermuda Blue
blue coating in the Capri/Sapphire range with green tones
Crystal Heliotrope
purple coating with accompanying blue tones
Crystal Metallic Blue
Crystal Blue Shade
Crystal Vitrail Light

Vitrail means "stained glass" in French
Pinky-purple and blue tones
Crystal Vitrail Medium
cathedral-toned hues - bright/royal blues, green, red-orange
Crystal Scarabaeus Green
2015, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier
Crystal Paradise Shine
Crystal Sahara
Copper, yellow and sage tones
Crystal Sage
Crystal Luminous Green
Crystal Tabac
a meld of toffee/rust/café au lait browns with a hint of olive
Crystal Volcano
bright pink, orange, and purple hues
Crystal Metallic Light Gold
new for 2010
"rich and precious looking with a warm metallic tone"
Crystal Bronze Shade
new for 2011
Crystal Metallic Sunshine
Crystal Dorado
a bronze-y gold
Jet Nut
a dark bronze on jet (black)
Jet Hematite
Hematite 2
a gray-silver on jet
Jet Metallic Silver
super bright silver on jet
Blue Opal Light
a pale pale blue opalescent
White Opal Star Shine?
Blue Opal Dark
a medium blue opalescent
White Opal Sky Blue?
Vintage Effects
Commonly found
24k gold coating, it is purported to be darker than Comet OR
a vibrant medium pink/purple/orange combo
Comet Argent Dark (CAD)
a dark silver
Comet OR
24k gold coating
the current incarnation of Black Lace - a Jet finish over a clear or colored bead (ie 5309), creating windows where the Jet is missing on certain facets : currently available in several bead colors - the finish is always Jet.
a metallic finish similar to Vitrail (2006)
Think of an oil slick....instead of the pales of an AB finish, you get the brights in Fantasy
Glacier Blue
Crisp icy blue tones from pale to dark
Rosaline Gold
a pinky gold
Rosaline Silver
Jais Scarabee/Scarabee
an AB finish on Jet - aka Jais Sacarabee

a smoky gray with an AB-like coating

The package does not indicate AB, it is simply labelled Starlight
Vitrail Medium I & II
II has a pink base, with outer band of color being a green-blue-yellow (this is on a nailhead)
Vitrail Dark I & II & III
dark variants of the Medium

a pink/orange/green/yellow
One-off & special production finishes (vintage unless otherwise stated) and rare finishes
Ambrosia Dark
hard to see the difference in this picture
made for Trifari, c. 1954 - along the lines of Sun, but darker with a metallic finish

Aragon / Argon / Argonia
metallic coating, throws yellow, some orange, some purple .... see pics
Argonia (dark)
Argentium on Ghost
a sea of blues with a bit of sage green.  I only know of one seller who has offered any item in this color ...
Only appears on a few articles, usually Art 1 and Art 23. This image is blown up from a much smaller one which is why it's blurry and pixelated:
Blue Caviar
(Feb 1968)

This is nearly impossible to photograph, and pictures do the effect no justice.  Similar to the effect currently in production by EH Ashley, Peacock.
Blue Diamond
blue coating given to a Black Diamond bead
Burgundy-Capri Gold
Special Run
Special Run
a red/black/silver
Caribbean AB Or
Possibly a commissioned bead - 1956 - a deep caribbean blue with a golden AB X2

The King calls the Caribbean - I added the AB Or
also Carousel2B (blue) & Carousel2V (purple) - purple with aqua
Carousel Carousel 2
Carousel 2B
Can probably be classified as a color, but since it has a metallic coating, I've moved it here to the Effects page.

a deep orange-brown ... darker than Cognac.  Specially made for Weiss in the 50s.
Cat Sun
I've only found reference to this as an effect on one site and they aren't carrying anything ... the pic is of a bicone and appears to be Sun with some other finish/effect
comes across in the picture as a tabac/olive color, but description gives blue, maroon, gold as primary colors

Originally contrived by the folks at the now-defunct 2bead.com (now 2beadornot2bead.com ?).  To my knowledge, only available in the cube bead.
Coral Reef
tropical pastels - aqua, pink, purple, green with a bright silver finish

Originally contrived by the folks at the now-defunct 2bead.com (now 2beadornot2bead.com ?).  To my knowledge, only available in the cube bead.
Desert Dawn
(not it's real name)
another mystery color that I've taken the liberty of naming.  Napier, 1954.  Rosey-desert bead with a coating that reflects oranges and browns, maybe a bit of green
1957 - multicolor finish on a light gray bead?  Throws purples, greens, grays, blues.
Elestria Dark
custom for Weiss, 1956
Fluoreszierende Lacke
"Fluorescent Paints"

Similar to, if not the same as, vintage "Ultra" colors

This appears to have been a 2x finish - covers whole bead (Crystal) and is similar to AB but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) prettier.  Reflects pale blue to pale purples and when held to light shows pale topaz and pale green with the blues and purples "ghosting" around the edges :)

Not to be confused with the gray bead of the same name
Golden Ebony
real gold coating on a jet bead
The base bead is a darker mediterranean color, so Hemetine throws purple, gold/yellow, an olive color, and maybe a bit of orange
a dark blue finish on a jet bead
Jouelle Dark
a deep fuschia pink with a gold/AB coating - likely made on consignment
a dark rose - made on consignment
a deep garnet with a mystery coating - made on consignment
Probably my favorite 4mm bicone bead :)
Commissioned bead for Royal - Madrid with a special finish
Marceline Light
help!  I think I just fell in a rainbow!  Wide spectrum of color reflection in this finish
Mardi Gras
(not it's real name)
this isn't the real name of the color/finish.  There isn't  one - but since we have green and purple, I went with Mardi Gras .... Commissioned for Tancredi, 1958
Mardi Gras II
(not it's real name)
Hadium bead with an unknown coating (likely Janelle) - which means this was probably a custom bead for Monet in the late 50's to early 60s
Mardi Gras Jet
(not it's real name)
a jet bead with the same coating as above - likely a custom Monet bead
Marea (v)
Jet AB-type bead, though the coating is much brighter in coloring than AB.  This comes from an Etsy listing.  Only the bottom half of the package is shown, so I have to take the seller at their word ... On further research, Marea is also a color in the Preciosa line-up (bottom right picture)

while arguments can be made for Mink being a color, not an effect, the reality is that mink has a coating over the colored bead, hence my classification here
Dark Mink aka Elder
The Art. 23s seem to (only?) have been offered in flower effects: Orchid, Azalea, ....

Palian and Palian Blue
In the blue to amethyst family
Roman Bronze
a dark bronze/gold coating (shown on Desert)
Sanduca on Crystal

Sanduca on Jet
Sarnell reflects in the yellow/sage/copper range; maybe on Black Diamond bead as there's a strong read in the gray family
Colors reflecting thru crystal are the pink at the center, midtone blues & greens and the edges occasionally catch a browny-burgundy-purple shade
Silver AB
seen in the diamond shaped pendants - colors vary radically depending on light source (though at the pale/pastel end of the spectrum) and background color --->
Robert used the same 4 pendants, and photo'd them against white, then black.  The white background gives more of the traditional AB colors, while black gives more of the Transmission V colors
Silver Cloud
a paler version of Hematite - silver/green/blue
Silver Lightening (2bead.com)
resembles CAL - reflected colors are medium tones in pink, purple-blue, yellow
a pink/blue combo with a dark silver finish

Light Steel
4mm bicone with a silver blue finish ... throws silver, blue, purple tones
Black diamond with an argent, gold & bronze finish that reflects as a deep rust orange/cognac color
Sunburst Dark
either a crystal or black diamond bead with a metallic coating that throws mostly yellow but shades of orange and pink as well
"AB 2X with an additional layer of Dorado" was the description from the site I bought the beads.  Well, only half the bead is coated (Sapphire) and finish looks like med vitrail on one half (quarter) and argent/silver on the other
sort of an all-in-one, darker than AB, lighter than Fantasy - now that I have the bead in hand, it's primarily in the purple range and on Hadium, doesnt lend much to the effect coming thru the bead, at least not on a 4mm bicone
Vitrail 8
vibrant - colors lean away from pink into blues
a bright rainbow finish on a gray-ish bead
Polka Dot
A Matte finish with round dots of a regular finish in a round bead

There are also codes in the Color/Effect names:

V (ie Crystal CAL V):  The effect is used in reverse.
Z (ie Heliotrope Z):  Only a part of the stone is treated for an effect (2020s etc)
B (ie Tanzanite Satin B):  Effects on three sides of a cube shape
2x (most common):  Both sides of the stone/bead are treated with an effect

Below is a color reference chart from a 1963 Swaro product guide ....